Redwood California Events

The San Francisco Shakespeare Festival is celebrating its 37th anniversary and brings its performances to downtown Redwood City over three weekends in August. You are invited to enjoy Courthouse Square in downtown Redwood City with friends, family, neighbors and the entire community. The Redwoods City Improvement Association (RCIA) invites you to experience a 3D video map and light show at the RedWOOD City Community Center every first Saturday of the month from August to September.

Listen to Americana and Bluegrass live and sip delicious local beers and enjoy lawn games in the pub in the park. This is a great way to meet family and friends, introduce the camp to the kids and have great nights in the park. You are invited to come with friends and colleagues - workers and family - for a night of fun, food, music and fun. Your family can barbecue and sing in front of the fire station all night long on the first Saturday of the month from August to September.

This free event will be a great opportunity for people of all ages to celebrate San Mateo County's commitment to an inclusive and accessible community. Many activities and entertainment are planned for the day, including live music, food trucks, a children's playground and much more.

Music fans of all ages are excited to discover and enjoy this free summer concert series in the living room of the city center. Concerts are a great way to spend the summer, and attending this event is the perfect activity for those who are or remain with friends or significant others. Fish lovers will enjoy a weekend of fun and food, as well as live music, food trucks, entertainment and more.

This is held at the Redwood City Library so staff can inform you about all the unique events in the area.

If you are an individual, company or restaurant and would like to sponsor art on the square, please read the application deadline and download your application. Maps are available on most bulletin boards on hiking trails and parks, or you can print your own. If you are an artist interested in participating in ART Square, please download an application and be aware of the deadline of July 1.

The road becomes Joaquin Miller Road and you go downhill, turn left and come to Highway 13. Immediately turn right onto the remaining Skyline Boulevard and immediately turn right onto the roadway that becomes the roadway. The other rest area is at the intersection of the two main roads, the 12 and 14.

The Pioneer Nature Trail takes you from the park entrance Armstrong Tree to the Forest Theater, then along Pool Ridge Trail to Armstrong Tree and back along the same route. Take the Pioneer Nature Trail from ArmstrongTree to the Forest Theater and then return to your entrance. The PioneerNature Trail takes you from Armstrong Tree to the park entrance and back to the Comet pool and back again.

The East Ridge Trail takes you from the front parking lot to the picnic area, then along the Pool Ridge Trail to Armstrong Tree and back along the same route. The Pioneer Nature Trail returns to your entrance And then the Pioneer nature trail returns to its original location at the entrance.

This self-guided nature trail is an easy walk through the grove and is accessible for wheelchair users. This guided hike is usually offered for larger groups and is only possible by appointment.

You can take a bus or touring car to a local park or drive down the road to Safeway or take the AC Transit (54). Think of buses or coaches to parks and streets or to and from Safeways.

Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park offers tents for groups of 50 to 150 people in groups of up to 100 people, with a maximum of four people per campsite. The Big Bear Staging Area is located north of the Skyline Trail, followed by the Redwoods State Park Stage II Trail and Mountain View Trail. Further up in the skyline, you reach the top of Skylines Peak, the highest peak in the San Francisco Bay Area. While camping is possible at Armstrong's Red Wood SNR, there is also a campsite run by Stewards of Coast Red Woods, located just a few miles away on the other side of Highway 101 at the top of Mount Diablo.

Walk about a mile to Dunn Trail, which ends at the corner of Redwood Road and Skyline Blvd. There is a remote clearing with towering sequoias, a small stream and picturesque views of the San Francisco Bay Area.

The 1833 hectares of the park are dotted with other evergreens, chaparral and grassland, and the following hike starts at Armstrong Redwoods and winds through rolling hills that host a variety of trees, shrubs, grasses and other plants. The walk follows the Redwood Trail trail, which runs through the Redwood Trail and then back to the trailhead at the Armstrong and Skyline intersection.

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