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The coastal redwoods range from the southern coast of Oregon to the central coast of California, and the most remote part of the sequoia kingdom is Redwood National Park in San Francisco, which we recently visited. If there is a huge red tree you want to see on your road trip to Northern California, look no further than the county of California. We were lucky enough to visit Redwoods State Park in San Jose, California, recently and were told that some of the most impressive - inspiring trees are in the San Mateo County area, covering a total of approximately 1.5 million square miles. While traveling to San Diego County and then on the way back to Red Forest in California, we were also in much of the remote parts of this Kingdom of Red Forests.

While California has many parks and the desert city of Palm Springs offers some unique tourist attractions, our 10-day tour focused on exploring Redwood State Park, Redwood National Park and Wilder Ranch, while most of them were of bleak beauty. To get there, we flew from San Francisco to San Diego County and then to Red Forest, California. While we were hiking the Pacific Red Woods Loop, visiting the redwoods along the ocean, two were taken off our list. Wilders Ranch offered us the opportunity to visit one of the largest redwoods in the United States: San Mateo County in San Jose County.

While most national parks have RV parks, you can use this route to create your own RV itinerary in California. If you want to see more redwoods, head an hour east to Redwood National Park, located west of San Francisco Bay in San Mateo County. The best walks in Redwoods National Park are in the Red Forest and Pacific Red Woods Loop areas, north of San Jose.

Redwoods National Park is located in the Redwood Creek watershed near Orick, California, in San Mateo County, north of San Francisco Bay. The hills that extend north and south of the park, in the Pacific Red Woods Loop area, are located on the west side of Redford Creek. In 1884, Congress created the first national park in America to protect the redwoods of Northern California and the Western United States, and created redwoods national parks in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California. In 1885, Congress established the largest national forest in North America, the California Red Woodlands, and has protected more than 2.3 million acres of forest, forests and forests covering 3,500 square kilometers since its inception in Red Wood National Park.

Humboldt Redwoods State Park was founded in 1884 by the Redwood Rescue League on land purchased by the Pacific Lumber Company in the Redford Creek area near the city of Orick, California.

These magnificent forests of old, growing sequoias are located in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, half of which are located in Redwood National Park and State Park System. There are long-distance hiking trails through the Sierra Nevada, and the gorges lead through some of Northern California's most beautiful redwoods. Massive deforestation has left behind a large number of trees, most of them remnants from the early days of the California timber industry.

Another part of our road trip will be Pacific Coast Highway 1 in Legett, where we will drive through this famous Redwood side road. An alternative route to Highway 101 is coastal highway 1, and from Le Gett we drive through the famous "Redwood Scenic side streets.

The Avenue of Giants is a free, scenic highway that runs through Humboldt Redwoods State Park and is a place to stop, hike or marvel at the tall trees. Sequoia also has the John Muir Trail, which runs along the roadside and through Redwood National Park and its many redwood forests.

Of course, you can choose one of the following road trips to the Redwood State Park area, such as California's Redwoods National Park. You can also consider some unique road trip ideas from California that explore some of the country's most popular attractions. Check out our California Travel and Destinations page for more information on all of our favorite destinations in California, as well as a full list of California travel tips and tricks.

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If you are planning a family getaway to California, we hope you can visit Redwoods State Park and Redwood National Park as well as the rest of the redwoods in the state. During the rest of your California Road Tour, you will explore the entire state of California from San Diego to San Francisco, from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara. This trip ends with a stop at the California State Fair in San Jose, California.

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